Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

Drugs and alcohol

The Drug and Alcohol Office conducts a range of prevention and early intervention programs and services to:

  • prevent and delay the onset of drug and alcohol use and associated harm
  • support environments that discourage risky use
  • enhance healthy community attitudes and skills to avoid risky use
  • support and enhance the community’s capacity to address drug and alcohol problems
  • support initiatives that discourage inappropriate supply of drugs and alcohol.

The following are key strategy areas for the Drug and Alcohol Office in our own work, and in collaboration with others.

Focusing on prevention

Educating and encouraging individuals, families and communities to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills to choose healthy lifestyles and promote healthy environments.

Intervening before problems become entrenched

Implementing a range of programs and services that identify individuals, families and communities at-risk and intervening before problems become entrenched.

Strong law enforcement approaches

Eliminating, reducing and controlling the availability of drugs and alcohol, and implementing strategies that aim to prevent or break the cycle of offending, and providing opportunities for spent convictions for minor cannabis offences.

Effective treatment and support services

Providing integrated, evidence based treatment and support services that promote positive lifestyle changes by effectively responding to individuals use and those affected by someone else’s use.

Strategic coordination and capacity building

Providing improved and targeted responses to drug and alcohol related problems through: capacity building; workforce development; collaboration; evidence based practice; monitoring; and information dissemination.

The Drug and Alcohol Office also delivers public health campaigns and initiatives to reduce risky alcohol use and prevent illicit drug use including:

  • The Alcohol.Think Again campaign encourages and supports communities to achieve a safer drinking culture in Western Australia.
  • The Drug Aware program focuses on reducing the harm from illicit drugs by encouraging sensible informed decisions about illicit drug use through providing credible, factual information and delivering comprehensive strategies to address drug related issues.
Last updated on 11 July 2011