Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

Volatile substances

What are they?

Volatile substances, or inhalants, include a range of household and industrial products that give off fumes which can give a feeling of being intoxicated or 'high' when inhaled. Misuse of volatile substances is also known as sniffing, huffing or chroming.

All inhalants consist of different chemicals that are posionous, and inhaling them can seriously affect your health. The Drug and Alcohol Office produces a range of publications and resources which may be of interest, including:

Getting help

If you are using inhalants, it may help to talk to somebody you can trust such as a parent or teacher. If you prefer to talk to somebody anonymously, call or email the Alcohol and Drug Information Service for a confidential chat. 

If you are a parent and think your child may be misusing inhalants, contact the Parent Drug Information Service, a helpline for families and carers seeking help for their loved one's drug use.

Last updated on 24 June 2013