Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

Drug and Alcohol Counsellors' Training Program

This training program is for people interested in becoming a volunteer drug and alcohol counsellor.
Applications for the 2016 program have now closed. The program will be advertised again in March 2017.

What does training involve?

Successful applicants attend weekly training sessions for 18 weeks while learning counselling skills taught by specialists in the drug and alcohol sector, and related fields.  

Volunteers are then placed within a drug and alcohol agency for approximately 12 months where they volunteer four hours each week. Experienced counsellors provide ongoing supervision during this period.

Who can become a volunteer drug and alcohol counsellor?

You will need:

  • a non-judgemental attitude and an open mind about people affected by alcohol and drugs
  • knowledge, interest or background in the drug and alcohol field
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • a commitment to working with adults and young people with legal and illegal drug-related problems
  • the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds who have different needs.

Applicants who have had drug and alcohol problems within the past two years are not eligible to apply.

How do I apply?

The program is advertised in The West Australian newspaper each year in early March.  Applicants are shortlisted and successful applicants are invited for an interview in May. Training for successful applicants starts in early June.

For more information, download the Volunteer Drug and Alcohol Counsellors' Training Program information sheet.

Contact the Workforce Development Manager for more information on (08) 9370 0333 or email

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Last updated on 30 March 2016