Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

Attach: Parent Alcohol and Drug Service

Attach is a free, in-home counselling service for parents affected by drug and alcohol use, offered by UnitingCare West.

Aimed at parents with children aged 8 years and younger, the service provides:

  • in-home counselling for parents affected by drug and alcohol use
  • some office or clinic setting interventions
  • an integrated systems approach to treatment
  • links to required services such as mental health counseling, housing support, financial counselling, community health, domestic violence support, child protection, education providers and justice authorities
  • parenting interventions
  • therapeutic interventions aimed at improving children's developmental outcomes and problematic attachment relationships.

Contact Attach's Clinical Supervisor or visit their website for more information.

Phone: 1300 663 298
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Last updated on 06 March 2013