Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

Aboriginal Withdrawal Unit

The Aboriginal Withdrawal Unit provides medically supervised drug and alcohol withdrawal for Aboriginal people in a culturally secure environment.

Part of the Next Step Inpatient Withdrawal Unit, the four-bed residential unit treats Aboriginal people with respect, empathy and understanding.

It is staffed by doctors, nurses, Aboriginal drug and alcohol workers and other support professionals. The client may also choose to have a designated support person stay with them within the unit or visit on a daily basis.

During the withdrawal process, clients are encouraged to look at the impact drug use has on themselves, their family and other key areas of their life.  Clients are also taught strategies to prevent relapse after they have left the unit.

Contact Next Step for more information on (08) 9219 1819 or download the Aboriginal Withdrawal Unit brochure.

Last updated on 27 February 2012