Government of Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

National Minimum Data Set

About the data set

The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services - National Minimum Data Set is a collection of data that measures how often treatment services for drug and alcohol problems are accessed across Australia.

It includes data for closed treatment episodes only - that is, treatment that has a defined start and finish date.

This data does not reflect the actual number of people accessing treatment services, as one person may have several episodes of treatment in a year. However, when used with information from other sources, the data informs debate and policy decisions in the drug and alcohol sector.

Who collects the data?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare collects the data and prepares it for publication.

Overseeing this process is an Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs working group, made up of representatives from all states and territories.

Who participates in the collection of data?

Publicly-funded government and non-government agencies, hospitals and services participate if they provide specialist drug and alcohol treatment.

In Western Australia, only drug and alcohol treatment services funded by the Drug and Alcohol Office participate.

More information about eligibility for the data set is available on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website.

Last updated on 22 June 2011