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Do you need help / advice about your drug use and have recently had contact with the police and been advised you have to go to counselling or court?

The WA Diversion Program may be able to help you with your drug use whilst you are dealing with your legal issues. There are a range of programs available both in the courts and the community that can help by referring you to a drug and alcohol agency to discuss your drug use and other problems.

Police diversion programs

There are two police diversion programs available as part of the WA Diversion Program: 

Court diversion programs

Court diversion programs are available to most offenders appearing in court who have drug-related problems, depending on the seriousness of the offence.  

These programs are voluntary and in most cases the offender is required to plead guilty during their court appearance.

Court diversion programs include:

To find out how the WA Diversion Program is making a difference in our community, see the evaluation reports of the court diversion programs.

Last updated on 06 July 2015