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Diversion programs for Aboriginal people

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending court for minor offences can access culturally secure treatment for their drug use through any of the court diversion programs. These include the:

Indigenous Diversion Program

The Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP) is a culturally secure program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that is available in some regional areas. It works similarly to the Pre-sentence Opportunity Program (POP) and is coordinated locally by Indigenous Diversion Officers.

Anybody who has reason to address the court about the offender's case can recommend the offender be assessed by a Diversion Officer for the program. However, referral to the program is at the magistrate's discretion.

If referred to the program, the participant's case will be remanded for approximately eight weeks to allow the offender time to access treatment for their drug use.  The Indigenous Diversion Officer coordinates the treatment process.

Following treatment, the offender returns to court for sentencing.

Contact the Alcohol and Drug Support Line or speak to the Drug Diversion Officer at your local magistrate's court for more information.


Last updated on 30 September 2015