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Other Drug Intervention Requirement

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Police have the discretion to issue an Other Drug Intervention Requirement to an individual caught with small quantities of illegal drugs other than cannabis, instead of charging them with an offence.

If the individual accepts the notice, they must attend three Other Drug Intervention Sessions within 42 days where they will have the opportunity to explore issues related to their drug use with a qualified drug counsellor. If necessary, ongoing support will be made available to the individual after the three sessions have been completed.

As the program is primarily for adults who have no previous drug dealing convictions, an Other Drug Intervention Requirement notice can only be issued once. The police officer who issues the notice must also be satisfied the drugs are for personal use.

The program is an opportunity for individuals to avoid a criminal conviction. If the individual does not complete three sessions within 42 days, a summons will be issued for the original drug offence and the matter referred to court.

Contact the Alcohol and Drug Support Line for more information.

Last updated on 30 September 2015