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Evaluation of the WA Diversion Program's key court diversion programs was undertaken in 2006 by the University of Western Australia's Crime Research Centre.

The programs evaluated were the Pre-sentence Opportunity Program (POP), the Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP) and the Supervised Treatment Intervention Regime (STIR) 

The full report, and a summary report outlining its key findings, are available for download:

In 2007, the Young Person's Opportunity Program (YPOP) and the extension of the Young People's Opportunity Program to country WA were reviewed. Findings from those reviews are also available for download:

In 2009, a review of participation in adult court diversion programs by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders took place. This research focused on reasons that prevented participation and how participation could be increased. For more information see review findings: 


Last updated on 20 December 2012