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WA response to volatile substance use

The Volatile Substance Use Support Plan 2012–2015 (VSU Support Plan) has been developed as a guide for Western Australian Government departments and funded agencies to identify ways to support local communities to address volatile substance use (VSU) issues. It summarises the key objectives and supporting initiatives that will be implemented over the coming years to respond to VSU.

The primary aim of the VSU Support Plan is to prevent and/or reduce VSU, and protect the health and welfare of volatile substance users and their families.

The VSU Support Plan is a supporting document to the Drug and Alcohol Interagency Strategic Framework for Western Australia 2011–2015, Western Australia's key policy document that outlines strategies which seek to prevent and reduce the adverse impacts of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in Western Australia.

 The VSU Support Plan’s initiatives support the Interagency Strategic Framework’s strategic areas of:

• Focusing on prevention
• Intervening before problems become entrenched
• Effective law enforcement approaches
• Effective treatment and support services
• Strategic coordination and capacity building.

The VSU Support Plan is also underpinned by the Strong Spirit Strong Mind – Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Framework for Western Australia 2011–2015 that was developed to provide guidance for key stakeholders towards delivering culturally secure programs and supporting Aboriginal ways of working in order to strengthen efforts to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug related harm in Aboriginal communities.

Within a similar framework, the report of the Western Australian Taskforce on Butane Misuse (PDF 360KB) outlines recommendations for responding to the misuse of butane in WA. For more information, see the Butane page of this website.

Other key documents informing the WA response to VSU can be found on the WA Response resources page and include: 

Date last modified  - 11 March 2013